An exeptional mission to meet exeptional standards

our core

High Academic Standards
To develop a high academic standard at the school by putting a Culture of Learning, Teaching and Service into place.
Effective Management
To ensure continuous and effective management by the Management Team, Governing Body, Teachers and Representative council of Learners.
Professional Educators
To appoint and develop well-trained and qualified professional educators.
Active Participation
To put cultural and sports programmes into place and to motivate learners to actively take part and achieve their objectives.
Community Involvement
To encourage parents as well as the community to take on their responsibilities regarding the school and involve them in school activities.
Shaping the Moral Compass
To present a well-informed life orientation programme and manage it according to acceptable morals and standards.
Continued Development
To develop the image, skills and general knowledge of all learners continuously during the education process.
Future Focused Development
To create and develop an enthusiastic, participating and supportive learner corps who would be able to deal with the 21st century challenges.