THE Noorderland History explains how we got here.

We apply our past as a stepping stone and go “full-throttle” towards future milestones.




The founding of the school, which was situated at the present Air Force Base, started with 18 girls and Miss. I M Truter as their teacher.


Fourteen years later, on 1 October 1965 an official commercial High School started with 238 learners, 11 staff members and the Principal, Mr P K Dreyer.


On 1 July 1970 Mr Dreyer was succeeded by a new Principal, Mr J Collins.


The school was originally controlled by the Department of National Education but was taken over by the Transvaal Education Department in 1974.


Originally only Gr. 10 pupils were admitted but in January 1973, Gr. 8 pupils were also allowed to be admitted.  This caused an increase in numbers from 248 pupils in 1966 to 600 pupils in 1977.


From 1981 the school was exempted from external examination.  This caused a positive result on the enrolment of the school. 


On 1 January 1985 Mr J Collins retired and was replaced by Mr N C van der Walt.  In 1990 the numbers of the school increased to 623 learners.


The name of the school was changed from Hoër Handelskool to Hoërskool Noorderland in 1991.


On 1 January 1991 another study area was added to the Economical study courses, namely Social studies and on 1 January 1992 all the Natural Science courses were also incorporated into the school’s curriculum.  This resulted in a further increase in learner numbers and the number of boys increased to 170 in 1992.  Ever since, there has been a steady increase in the number of boys being admitted to the school.


Mr N C van der Walt retired at the end of July 1998 and was succeeded by Mr S P Schoeman as Principal.


In the year 2000 the Department started negotiations with the School Governing Body to change to a parallel medium school.  In January 2001 the first group of 42 black learners were admitted to the school to grade 8 with the vision of admitting two classes of black learners per year.


Mr S P Schoeman retired at the end of December 2001. Mr A J Bouwer took over as acting principal at the beginning of 2002. In 2003 the first black teacher, Mrs C Makama was appointed at our school in an English post. On 1 July 2004 Mr A J Bouwer was permanently appointed as Principal of Hoёrskool Noorderland.


In 2006 Sepedi as a Home Language was introduced by the Department in all former Model-C schools. During 2007 Mr TM Ratema was the first and only state appointed departmental head in the field of commerce.


In 2010 the school turned 60 years old.


Mr A Bouwer retired on 13 April 2014.  Mr P S J van Rensburg acted as principal and retired in December 2016. 


Mr TM Ratema was the acting principal from January 2017 and permanently appointed as the principal of Hoёrskool Noorderland in February 2018. Mr TM Ratema was sent by DBE to China to study at North East Normal University in 2018 after obtaining position eight in the province and position one in the circuit.


The school obtained position one in Pietersburg circuit in 2018 and 2019 respectively.


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